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The 21st AsRES Annual Conference 2016 Bangalore, India


Janadhar Award for Best Paper on Policy

'Unconventional Monetary Policy and U.S. Housing Markets Dynamics' by Jay Sa-Aadu, Yao-Min Chiang and James Shilling


The Magicbricks Award for Best Paper on Housing

'Effects of FHA loan limit Increases by ESA 2008: Housing Demand and Moral Hazard' by Chen Miller, Robert van Order and Min Hwang


HDFC Award for Best Paper on Urban Economics

'Do Rural Migrants Benefit from Urban Labor Market Agglomeration Economies? Evidence from Chinese Cities' by Shihe Fu and Guangliang Yang

RICS Award for Best Paper

'Land Ownership and Wellbeing: Understanding the relationship between land ownership and well-being through the lens of 'capability' by Jyoti Rao

HDFC Award for Best Paper on Real Estate

'Australian Interest Rate Movements and A-REITs Performance: A Sectoral Analysis' by Wejen Reddy and Woon-Weng Wong

Nambiar Builders Award for Best Paper in Real Estate

'How Good is Being Different? The Context of Commercial Real Estate' by Prashant Das, Patrick Smith and Paul Gallimore

Homer Hoyt Institute Best Paper Award

'No Way to say "No": Stakeholder analysis for compulsory purchase for public infrastructure project in Australia' by Jyoti Rao.




Best Paper Award Committee

• Professor Piyush Tiwari
• Professor Clive Warren
• Professor Michio Naoi
• Professor Kajuto Sumita
• Professor Venky Panchpagesan
• Professor Raghu Ramaswamy
• Dr Madalasa Venketaraman



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